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Nexus Letters/DBQ

Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ):

  • A DBQ is a standardized form used by the VA to gather medical evidence during the disability evaluation process. It is typically completed by a qualified healthcare professional, such as a doctor or specialist, who examines the veteran and assesses the severity of their condition(s).
  • The DBQ provides a structured format for healthcare providers to document the veteran's medical history, current symptoms, and functional limitations related to their claimed disabilities.
  • DBQs cover a wide range of medical conditions, and there are specific DBQ forms for different types of disabilities, such as musculoskeletal conditions, mental health disorders, hearing loss, etc.
  • The information provided in the DBQ helps the VA adjudicators make decisions regarding the veteran's eligibility for disability benefits and the level of compensation they may receive.

Nexus Letter:

  • A Nexus Letter, on the other hand, is a medical opinion provided by a healthcare professional that establishes a connection (or nexus) between a veteran's current medical condition(s) and their military service.
  • Nexus letters are often used when there is insufficient evidence in the veteran's service records or when the VA requests additional medical evidence to support the veteran's claim for service connection.
  • The Nexus Letter typically explains how the veteran's current condition(s) are related to specific incidents, exposures, or duties performed during their military service.
  • Unlike DBQs, Nexus Letters are not standardized forms; they are personalized statements written by healthcare professionals based on their evaluation of the veteran's medical history, service records, and current condition(s).
  • Nexus letters can significantly strengthen a veteran's disability claim by providing a medical opinion supporting the causal relationship between their current disabilities and their military service.

In summary, while both DBQs and Nexus Letters are important pieces of evidence in the VA disability claims process, they serve distinct roles: DBQs provide detailed medical information about the veteran's current condition(s), while Nexus Letters provide expert medical opinions linking those conditions to the veteran's military service.

We specialize in crafting Nexus letters and Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQs) for our Military Veterans with precision and expertise. With a dedicated team of healthcare professionals, we understand the critical importance of these documents in securing the benefits and support our Veterans deserve. Our comprehensive approach ensures thorough assessments and meticulous documentation, tailored to each individual's unique circumstances. Whether you require a Nexus letter to establish a connection between your service-connected condition and your military service, or a DBQ for a disability claim, our clinic is committed to delivering exceptional service with compassion and integrity. Trust us to advocate for your health and well-being, and future financial needs.

We will provide these services either in person at the office or via telehealth or phone calls.
Information may be transferred by email or regular mail.
Our Goal is to make this as easy a process as we can to help pay you back for the services you have provided for our Country.
Consultations $85
DBQ’s $175
Nexus Letters $375